Why Are Our Children Failing In Basic Reading & Writing Skills?

By | December 31, 2016

A recent survey in the United Kingdom shows that every year more and more of our children are leaving school without even the basic reading and writing skills. This is a very important issue at the moment and more studies are needed to find out how and why this situation has happened and what can be done to reverse it.

Can certain individuals or organisations be blamed for this? In my own opinion it all comes down to the following.

1: The Government: 2: The Schools: 3: The Parents: 4: Lifestyle Choices:

I believe that all four or the above play a major role and I will explain why I think this below.

Governments have a responsibility to provide each and every school with the necessary funding and suppoert,so are they meeting their own targets? Do the government need to give teachers more intensive training before letting them loose in the classroom

The schools themselves also have to take part of the blame as are they using their funding wisely? Are they employing teachers that just do not come up to scratch? Is it an issue of class discipline? In my opinion discipline in the classroom is a big issue as the whole problem seems to have come about since the government banned teachers from disciplining children in the classroom, could this one thing be THE link as to why our children are failing in basic reading and writing skills?

Parents also have to take some of the responsibility, obviously there are parents around that just do not care whether or not their child leaves school with an education or not but the majority of them do.Years ago when we had the “traditional family”, dad went out to work and mum stayed home to look after house and kids and people generally had more time for their children, ate meals together, bedtime stories and so on. Today is a totally different matter with the majority of families having to have both mum & dad going out to work just to earn a living and thus not being able to give their children the time that they used to be able to do a few years ago.

Lifestyle Choices can also play it’s part,with us now live in the age of the computer where most children have access to all sorts of wonderful “toys”, play stations, computer games, ipods, mobile phones etc. Whatever happened to the old traditional books & bedtime stories? In my opinion Lifestyle Issues play a major part in our children’s education, there are just not enough children today that pick up a book and go off for an hour or so to read, sad but true.

Can this trend be reversed? Only time will tell but ultimately it must be down to every parent in the country to want better for their child and make the effort to spend more time with their child and encourage more reading especially in their early years.